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  1. detailed information

The application scenarios of walkie talkie are changeable, the frequency band management is strict, the certification standards are various, and the test items are complex. As a high-tech product integrating old and new technologies, it has high requirements for the professional level of test instruments and testers. Therefore, choosing a third-party testing and certification company correctly can not only save your cost, but also shorten the product launch cycle and gain more competitiveness. The EMC lab of northtest helps your products export smoothly to all parts of the world.

Domestic high-tech products are increasingly favored and recognized by the international community, and the demand for export certification of walkie talkies is also surging. The EMC laboratory of Beifang Measurement & Testing Co., Ltd. is specially equipped with designated senior project engineers to provide the only certification business of counterpart walkie talkie testing. CETC will provide you with a comprehensive interphone testing and certification service. After receiving your prototype and relevant technical data, we will arrange testing, application and issuance of the specified certificate.

Applicable product range

Interphone, including public interphone, marine interphone, digital interphone, etc.

Test standard

Our EMC laboratory has been recognized by A2LA and can carry out all interphone test projects.